Parking Advertising Barrier for Indoor Parking

Parking Advertising Barrier for Indoor Parking   Classification:Company News  Show time:2015/9/24 9:58:22
Summery:combine advertising barrier arm with 90° degree folding arm, suitable for indoor parking facility.

Parking advertising barrier is a fashion advertising media, with her powerful visual impact, high accuracy of advertising effect.It could be used in residential area, shopping square, transport station, hotel, bank, and goverment.

As the car parking problem became a common problem in people''s daily lives, off street parking become more and more important. To bring the parking advertising barrier into indoor parking facility, Shining has brought out a perfect solution: combine advertising barrier arm with 90° degree folding arm.The solution solve the problem that limitation of the height of parking lot could not suit for some long boom barrier. With stronger folding arm, the new model could show the beauty of technology and ensure the parking order.


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